AdventureSoft Publishing
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Type(s) video game developer and publisher
Foundation 1992(although name used since the early 1980s by largely continuos management)
Location Sutton Coldfield, England
Industry Publishing Computer Games
Key People Mike Woodroffe (founder)
Products Computer Games

AdventureSoft is a UK-based video game developer and publisher. Although officially established as AdventureSoft Publishing in 1992 by Mike Woodroffe (then owner of Callisto Computers, one of the very early computer shops and amongst other things, an importer and reseller of Adventure International games), its history and association with Fighting Fantasy goes back to the early 1980s. It operates out of Sutton Coldfield.[1]

A Brief HistoryEdit

Beginnings and Use of the Name Adventure International (UK)Edit

In the beginning AdventureSoft operated out of Birmingham converting the Adventure International games by Scott Adams to run on microcomputers found in the United Kingdom market which were not currently supported. AdventureSoft employed Brian Howarth whose Mysterious Adventure series was the British answer to Scott Adams games, and who used the same game system as Scott to perform the ports. The company would publish games under the name Adventure International (UK), a name used under license in Europe by AdventureSoft.

After a time the rate of release of games by Adventure International slowed and the company began to write other games using the same system. The first of these was a 1984 game based on Gremlins written by Brian Howarth and then 1985 saw the release of a game designed by Mike Woodroffe based on the television series "Robin of Sherwood".

Fighting FantasyEdit

In the same year AdventureSoft signed deals that gave it access to the Fighting Fantasy gamebooks by Steve Jackson and Ian Livingstone, as well as a new more sophisticated game system.

The first book converted was SEAS OF BLOOD by Michael Woodroffe and Brian Howarth. This was marketed as "Fighting Fantasy Software" and officially distributed by Adventure International (UK).


Advert in Warlock issue 8

There was an advertisment that was carried in both Warlock issue 7 and Warlock issue 8 for Fighting Fantasy Software. The advert was ostensibly for the game Seas of Blood but carried provisional release dates for four other games that would be made for Fighting Fantasy Software and distributed by Adventure International (UK). The four games were [[Temple of Terror (computer game)|TEMPLE OF TERROR] (for a December 1986 release), REBEL PLANET (for a February 1987 release) and both APPOINTMENT WITH F.E.A.R. and DEMONS FO THE DEEP whose release dates were conspicuously listed as "T.B.A.". Both Rebel Planet and Temple of Terror were later released as described later in this article. The latter two games (Appointment with F.E.A.R. and Demons of the Deep) were never released by AdventureSoft nor advertised by them or U.S. Gold and thus it seems they died as concepts when AdventureSoft took the helm as a brand over the name Fighting Fantasy Software. There appears to be no other mention of these two games, nor adverts for them in the major gaming publications of the time.

By 1986 Adventure International in the USA was bankrupt but AdventureSoft continued to milk its Fighting Fantasy deals by following up with Stefan Ufnowski's Rebel Planet in 1986. Temple of Terror by Mike and Simon Woodroffe followed in 1987. After Seas of Blood, AdventureSoft, called at the time Adventuresoft (UK) Ltd, developed the games whilst U.S. Gold became involved as a distributor.

The company continued to diversify the game range and with the rise of more powerful systems like the Commodore Amiga and a growing disinterest in text focussed games AdventureSoft began to actively exploit the graphical and multimedia angle of the games.

Later YearsEdit

A remodelled AdventureSoft Publishing was born in 1992 and began to release the very successful Simon the Sorcerer series of games, continuing the trend towards more graphical gaming. Simon in the first game being voiced by Chris Barrie[2] who played Rimmer in the BBC situation comedy Red Dwarf. In 1997 AdventureSoft released The Feeble Files, with the lead character being voiced by Robert Llewellyn[3] who played Kryten also in Red Dwarf. In 1998 Mike and Simon Woodroffe set up Headfirst Productions to allow them to develop non adventure style games.

Fighting Fantasy Games ConvertedEdit

AdventureSoft converted a number of Fighting Fantasy gamebooks, for the following platforms Acorn Electron, BBC Micro, Amstrad CPC, ZX Spectrum and Commodore 64.

These were the titles they were involved in producing and/or publishing:

  • Published as Adventure International (UK) having been developed under the name Fighting Fantasy Software:
  • SEAS OF BLOOD (1985)


  • SWORD OF THE SAMURAI was advertised but its actual release has not been confirmed by the existance of the product or screenshots.
  • APPOINTMENT WITH F.E.A.R. is rumoured to have also been produced although there is no material to support this at this time.

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