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Adventure International was a video game publishing company that existed from 1978 until 1985, started by Scott and Alexis Adams. Their games were notable for being the first implementation of the adventure genre to run on a microcomputer system. The adventure game concept originally came from Colossal Cave Adventure, which ran strictly on large mainframe systems at the time. Adventure International went bankrupt in 1985. The copyrights for its games reverted to the bank and eventually back to Scott Adams who released them as shareware.

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In Europe the "Adventure International" name was a trading name of AdventureSoft by agreement with Adventure International, because Adventure Soft were converting the Adventure International games by Scott Adams to run on microcomputers found in the United Kingdom market which were not currently supported.

AdventureSoft released SEAS OF BLOOD and used the trading name "Adventure International (UK)". However, this and other games released under this name that were not from Adventure International in the USA. From 1986 AdventureSoft released its games under the name "Adventuresoft UK Ltd".

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