Many of the illustrations in Dungeoneer feature some or all of a group of adventurers who are "filmed" taking part in all sorts of adventurous activities.

These adventurers are not given any names, so the following descriptions of them are based on their appearance:

  • A bespectacled male Human Magician who wears a spiked metal cap.
  • A moustachioed Human male warrior who wears a metal helmet over a chainmail hood.
  • A male Dwarf who wears a horned helmet and broad shoulder plates.
  • A strong Human female warrior.
  • A moustachioed male human adventurer who looks like a cross between Indiana Jones and Lee Van Cleef. He wears a Fedora-syle hat, a fur jerkin, and leather boots. He carries a dagger in his belt and wields a sword. He is often illustrated carrying what is probably a roll of rope but what may be a whip over his shoulder. He is seen lying injured, with an arrow in his back in one scene.[1]

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