Aged man1

The Aged Man up a tree[1]

The Aged Man is a old traveller,[2] perhaps a wizard, at the time of the events described in the Sorcery! series, who had a number of misfortunate encounters on his journey through the Shamutanti Hills. It appears that his age is not because of a long life, but rather is the result of a disastrous entanglement with the sorceress Gaza Moon. It is rumoured that she caught him stealing a page from her spell book and cast an Aging Spell at him before he could escape.[3]

Later in his travels, he was waylaid and robbed by Elvins, before being left up a tree. It is said that the Aged Man may offer fellow travellers useful advice if they aid him in his "old age".[1]

Aged Man in the d20 ConversionEdit

In the d20 conversion, the man is called Alias Gumar, and he is from Kharé. He was a young sorcerer, but he lost his spell casting ability since the encounter with Gaza Moon.[4]

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