Air Elemental
skill 15
stamina 20
Attacks 2
Habitat Magical Plane of Air, at the heart of a hurricane
Number Encountered 1
Type Magical creature
Reaction Neutral-Unfriendly
Intelligence Low

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The force of an angry Air Elemental is enough to devastate a village, flatten a building or hurl a man through the air several metres. When summoned the Air Elemental appears as raging whirlwind of air, spinning at high speed and howling with malevolence.[1]

Special AbilitiesEdit

Like all Elementals, they can only be hit by enchanted weapons. Great strength is required to stop an Air Elemental. Trying to oppose this raging blast requires a Test of Luck. If unsuccessful, he will knocked aside, and lose 1 skill point and a single die roll of stamina damage.If he maintains his footing, he will still lose 2 stamina points, but will be able to stay on his feet long enough to make two strikes against the Air Elemental before having to Test for Luck again. Should an Air Elemental be defeated, its spirit will return to the Magical Plane of Air where it will recuperate and heal. A banished Air Elemental cannot be re-summoned to Titan for sixty-six days.[2]

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