Stylised self-portrait from BattleCards (UK)

The Alan Craddock BattleCard is card 141 in the UK set of BattleCards and has no equivalent in the US set.


Alan Craddock contributed to Steve Jackson's BattleCards and as such a card within the deck is dedicated to him as an Artist of Vangoria. His work did not appear in the US version but only in the UK version. In the US version his artwork was replaced by the work of Martin McKenna. This means that the card dedicated to Craddock (UK Card 141) - Alan Craddock, is unique to the UK set. (In fact, the only other cards unique to that set are also Craddock's because they were not reproduced at all in the US, namely UK card 100 - Quest Clues and UK card 111 - Battle Secrets).)

The card features stylised self-portrait of Craddock as the artwork, with a mini-biography on the text side, written from an "in-world" "Vangorian" perspective.

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This card does not appear in the US set (which is the set that defined the types (or sub-series). However, its equivalent card (Martin McKenna (BattleCard)) is one of Artists of Vangoria series.

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