Alan Langford is a freelance artist and illustrator. As well as his work on Fighting Fantasy publications he specialises in Equestrian, Fantasy and Historical subject matter.


Early LifeEdit


He began his artistic career in 1979, working as a full time illustrator of topographical scenes in pen and ink, which were transferred on to copper plaques. At the end of 1982 he went freelance, working through a Fleet Street artists agency, illustrating mainly comics.

His career has since seen him illustrate a range of works from Encyclopaedias to Fantasy Game books. Other work has included work for the BBC illustrating the stories of Romulus and Remus and Androcles and the Lion for the children's television programme ZIG-ZAG.

He is also known to enjoy painting in oils and watercolours on location, in such places as the New Forest of southern Engalnd, the Isle of Purbeck and Dartmoor.


Cover Illustrator

Fighting Fantasy GamebooksEdit

Interior Illustrator

Fighting Fantasy GamebooksEdit

Warlock MagazineEdit

Other Fighting FantasyEdit

Map Illustrator

  • Island of the Lizard King
  • Spellbreaker

Outside of Fighting FantasyEdit

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  1. Incorrectly credited to David Gallagher on the 1st edition. Corrected on subsequent printings.

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