Fan Written Fighting Fantasy Gamebooks
Location: Albatross Atoll, Bird Islands, Old World
References: 111
Publication Details
Author(s): Alessandro Viola
Illustrator(s): N/A
Cover illustrator: N/A
First published: September 29th 2014
Previous Adventure: N/A
Next Adventure: N/A

Albatross Atoll is an amateur Fighting Fantasy adventure by Alessandro Viola. It was first published online in 2014[1], and forms part of the Tales from the Bird Islands collection.


You see from far away a verdant atoll with faint traces of smoke that indicate an inhabited village. You circle around it as you approach and you notice that the atoll is crescent shaped, as the natural circle of the atoll has a wide gap, allowing the access to a dark blue lagoon in the centre. You approach it carefully, as you know that usually atolls are surrounded by dangerous reefs.

The inhabitants of the atoll must have noticed you and approach paddling on long canoes. At first you are a bit scared, as they clearly outnumber you and they are very broadly built warriors, but you soon realize that they are greeting you! They throw flowers and fresh fruit into your ship, chanting and cheering you up. This people look very nice, with muscular bodies, often covered in exotic tattoos, and broad smiles.

Your hosts indicate some hidden reefs on your way and guide you safely to a quiet natural harbour on the southern side of the atoll.


The adventure in general follows the original rules set down in The Warlock of Firetop Mountain (see Game System).

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