Race/Species Human
Gender Male

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Mr Alden is known as a "Thief for Hire" in Port Blacksand.[1]


He lives in the Garden District of Port Blacksand on the river-bank behind Candle Street. It is a large elegant house which Mr Alden is able to afford by being the best thief in Blacksand. He is registered with the Guild of Thieves but plays no part in their schemes. If his services are recommended then one must visit his house and ring the doorbell four times at exactly quarter past eleven at night (the time changes each season). A silver haired butler will take the details and Mr Alden will be revealed if the job seems acceptable. He will not steal anything he can't carry on his own and has a flat rate of 30 per cent of the profits. It is said that he has seen Lord Varek Azzur's face.

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