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In the Allansian Reckoning, the year is divided into 12 months, with three days dedicated to the New Year festival at the end (in a leap year this is four days long). The Old World for the most part also adopted this reckoning system.[1]


The months vary in length from 28 days to 31 days with three days for New Year.


The week in Allansia has seven days as follows:

Events and FestivalsEdit

The main events in the year in Allansia are as follows:

Allansian Calendar
Date Month
Freeze Dark Unlocking Sowing Winds Warming Fire Watching Reaping Hiding Close Locking New Year
1stStart of UrguzNight of the Ancestors (Kaypong, Glimmering Sea, etc.)New Year
2ndHoly Day of ThroffHoly Day of HamaskisNew Year
3rdNew Year
4thHoly Day of DeathHoly Day of FulkraHoly Day of Asrel and of LibraHoly Day of TelakHoly Day of KerillimNot applicable except in a leap year
5thFestival of the Waters (Rimon and Halak)Orcish Feast of AlmorNOT APPLICABLE
6thHoly Day of HashakHoly Day of LunaraNOT APPLICABLE
7thLord Azzur's Official BirthdayFeast of Knives in FangNOT APPLICABLE
8thStart of Winter Ale Fair (Stonebridge)Troglodyte Holy DayHoly Day of SukhNOT APPLICABLE
9thHoly Day of SolintharNOT APPLICABLE
10thPass the Slave Finals (Urguz)Holy Day of LibraNOT APPLICABLE
11thHoly Day of TelakHoly Day of ShazeelNight of Shadows (Vynheim)NOT APPLICABLE
12thElf Holy DayHoly Day of LogaanHoly Day of HamaskisElf Holy DayRiver Eltus Floods DueNOT APPLICABLE
13thElf Holy DayHoly Day of TirielHoly Day of SithHoly Day of ErillaHoly Day of TanitNOT APPLICABLE
14thHoly Day of DecayHoly Day of RogaarNOT APPLICABLE
15thEnd of Urguz. Holy Day of SukhNOT APPLICABLE
16thHoly Day of CourgaOgre Holy DayNOT APPLICABLE
17thTroglodyte Holy DayDuelling of Flames (Forest of Yore)NOT APPLICABLE
19thGraduation (Blacksand Thieves' Guild)NOT APPLICABLE
20thHoly Day of AqualisHoly Day of GlantankaNOT APPLICABLE
21stHoly Day of FarigissTrial of the Champions begins (Fang)Holy Day of RogaarHoly Day of HydanaNOT APPLICABLE
22ndStart of Feast of Dumiol (Arantis)Holy Day of SukhHoly Day of GreddHoly Day of GlantankaNOT APPLICABLE
23rdHoly Day of ArhallogenHoly Day of LibraNOT APPLICABLE
24thFeast of Gold (Tak and Lagash)NOT APPLICABLE
25thHoly Day of HydanaNOT APPLICABLE
26thHoly Day of Tiriel (the moon)Archery Week (Salamonis)Ogres' Day of the ThreeHoly Day of SindlaNOT APPLICABLE
27thHoly Day of HmurreshFestival of Eagles (Zengis)Rock Worshipping Festival begins (Goblins)Holy Day of TitanNOT APPLICABLE
28thHoly Day of GalanaHoly Day of AsrelHoly Day of TirielNOT APPLICABLE
29thMonth has 28 days only]]Month has 28 days only]]NOT APPLICABLE
30thMonth has 28 days only]]Holy Day of UsrelSpirit WatchingMonth has 28 days only]]NOT APPLICABLE
31stGoblin Holy DayMonth has 28 days onlyMonth has 30 days onlyMonth has 30 days onlyHoly Day of TanitMonth has 30 days onlyMonth has 30 days onlyMonth has 28 days onlyNOT APPLICABLE

The above table was converted from that found on the Shrine of Hamaskis, which itself was largely sourced from Titan - The Fighting Fantasy World and The Fighting Fantasy 10th Anniversary Yearbook

Other EventsEdit

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