Amarillia may refer to various geographical entities: a parallel world of Titan, the only know continent of this world, and the realm spreading accross this whole continent. It is the main setting of some Fighting Fantasy publications, including Casket of Souls puzzlebook, Legend of Zagor gamebook, the Zagor Chronicles novels and Legend of Zagor boardgames.

Geography Edit

Amarillia is divided in three regions, or provinces, each of them corresponding to an initially independant state before the union of the continent by king Thorgar. The northern province, Grundia, was rulled by Dwarfs, the southern province, Parnassa, was ruled by humans, and between these two provinces was Barrabang, ruled by Centaurs. Each of these provinces is now populated by other races. The Amarillia mainland is surrounded by several islands.

Grundia Edit

Grundia is the nothern province of Amarillia. This province is mainly a mountainous region, with its highest peak in the west. The westernmost mountains, the Far Peaks, extends to the noth in the Icespur Range, and to the east in the Glinting Hills. In the eastern part, a wide frozen region, called the Frozen Wastes may be found. The Geld river is the frontier between Grundia and Barrabang. Main cities are from dwarfish foundation, like Flint, Pentras, Dumagando, Nildren's Peak, and Baldamand. Dwarfish fortress of Ironhold and Trollbane lies respectively at the noth-west and the south-east of the province. The main roads accross the province are underground road, like the Stonewalk joining Baldamand to flint.

Before the union of the continent, Dwarfs were the ruler of most part of these mountainious land. However, some place are populated by other people. The western Far Peaks is the home of barbarian tribes, and the eastern Trollpeaks and Frozen Wastes are the home of Troll, Frost Giant and Orcs. After the Demonwar, Grundia was under the rule of the Demon Bone and Zagor, with the exeption of small pocket of resitance in the Far Peaks.

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