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The Ancient Civilisation of Stargazers and so much of its records has been lost.

Certainly, they had great knowledge of sorcery. But in the Time of Heroes some great evil befell the civilisation. Although we do not know the details, it seems that some great sorcerous battle ensued, destroying much of the towns and cities of the Stargazers. Great beasts known as Flesh Eaters appeared on the coasts of the inland sea, patrolling it and preventing the civilisation regaining a foothold.[1] Those that escaped became nomadic. The inland sea was polluted and defiled and reduced in size, becoming but a marsh. Those lands that had once surrounded the sea became riven with mists and magical energy, and are now known as Deathmoor.[2]

Remnants of the civilisation still exist, dotted in and around the edges of what is now called Deathmoor. It seems from these remnants that animal worship, or the worship of gods in the forms of animals (depicted in such forms as huge statues of reclining horned Goat-like creatures) was important. The marsh of Deathmoor is the remnant of the inland sea.

The Stargazers, living around the inland sea were mariners although never possessing the same level of skill as those who travelled and do travel now upon the great oceans of Titan. However, the sea sat at the heart of their land and the longships were of beautiful design and craftsmanship. It is believed that they used such ships for royal burial.[3] The Stargazers governed their lands by references to the stars, sun and moon. The civilisation had developed a written language which permeated through a great part of the surrounding lands. Indeed was closely akin to Ancient Kabeshian and was perhaps the forerunner of it. Certainly the examples of the scripts that can still be seen on certain temples and buildings have characters which resemble Kabeshian.[4] To the east of the moor the ruins of the central temple of the ancient civilisation is said to still exist, emitting a powerful aura of goodness to those that venture there. However, it is said that it is only accessible from the south, being shielded to the north by a sheer cliff. However even from the south, the gap between the hills through which one must pass is filled with an unearthly grey cloud. This gouts livid green flames which rot living flesh, put in place by some ancient evil to keep the good from entering their holy place.[5]

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