Andorian is a city on the boundary of the plains of Parnassa and the Elven Forest, in Amarillia [1]. It is a waterway port, located on the upper Zingle river. As many towns of Parnassa, Andorian do not have fortifications, and buildings spread out around the highway [2].

People of Andorian are mainly craftmen, and rivermen. Andorian is a commercial city, where goods from all the continent are trade, including goods carried upstream the Zingle, like ivory from Azzûr, or iron from Grundia transported down the Geld river, and the eastern coastline of Barrabang [3]. However, people of Andorian are not considered as trustworthy people, as, according to Braxus, they "would sell their sisters into slavery for two pieces of gold, and [...] sell the lives of two outsiders for much less" [3].

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