Ant Symbiote

Ant Symbiote
skill 6
stamina 10
Habitat Forest, Plains
Number Encountered 1
Type Humanoid/Insect
Reaction Neutral
Intelligence Average

Origins and DistributionEdit


He is a Symbiote, a foul mutant who lives with the ants that cover him in mutual co-operation.[1]

Reaction becomes Hostile if the Ant Symbiote is touched or interfered with in any way.

Special AbilitiesEdit

Other MediaEdit

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Further Information in CanonEdit

More information can be found at:Source[2]
Slaves of the Abyss

(para58, para211, para268*, para300#)


# - denotes a reference with statistics
* - denotes a picture


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  2. Complete list of references catalogued by FF Titan Bestiary

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