Fan Written Fighting Fantasy Gamebooks
Location: New Strathbeg, Pacific Ocean
References: 100
Publication Details
Author(s): Robert Douglas
Illustrator(s): N/A
Cover illustrator: N/A
First published: 2013
Previous Adventure: N/A
Next Adventure: N/A

Any Port In A Storm is an amateur Fighting Fantasy adventure by Robert Douglas. It was an entry in the 2013 Windhammer competition[1].


A raging tempest transforms the ocean into seven foot waves. You can barely see anything through the relentless spray, struggle to keep your feet on the turbulent deck - yet somehow keep afloat in this maelstrom. Now, even in this foul night of slashing rain, you can barely make out the familiar shape of a lighthouse. Yet the sheer relief of reaching salvation blinds you to the unnatural eerie glow from its beacon...


As written, this gamebook used a proprietary system. For its subsequent adaptation to online play at Fighting Fantasy Project[2] it was converted to follow the original rules set down in The Warlock of Firetop Mountain (see Game System).

Main CharactersEdit

  • Alex: Hero of Any Port in a Storm
  • Tess
  • Nick
  • Captain Alistair Harding
  • Ambrosi (or Ambrogio) Destro
  • Hal Buchanan
  • Sergeant Pearce
  • Polina Matulik
  • Lizzie Graham
  • Reverend William Graham
  • 'Rob' Roy Matheson
  • Richie MacAlister
  • Peter Sinclair
  • Duncan McPhee
  • Hector Munro
  • Henrietta
  • Jamie Shaw
  • Laird Samuel Gordon Hay



Further NotesEdit

The story calls for several lines of Italian dialogue, but to comply with Windhammer competition rules they were originally rendered in English with a special prefix indicating the intended language. They were later translated into actual Italian by Alessandro Viola, who also recommended renaming their speaker from Ambrosi Destro to the more authentic Ambrogio Destro.


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  2. Any Port In A Storm at Fighting Fantasy Project

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