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Aranaea was a Lupravian noblewoman whose five husbands had all died in mysterious circumstances, earning her the nickname "Black Widow".

After she became a part of the revived Cadre Infernal and aided in the Ritual of Summoning they performed, she was corrupted by the Wolf Demon they brought into the Earthly Plane.

In her new, Spider-like form, she drew numerous different species of Giant Spider together and took up residence in the Sundered Peak, to the north of Vargenhof, where she brooded over her unholy swarm and "husbands" - the desiccated corpses of adventurers she had captured and sucked dry!

Shortly before her death, a pair of Goblins stole the silver dagger that she had provided for the Ritual of Summoning, and which whatever was left of her Human mind constantly fretted about, for it held power over her.[1]

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