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Argolis was a female Demothrax who wreaked havoc in Blackhaven before being imprisoned beneath the earth by a magical chain in the Olde Gaol, which later collapsed over her.[1]

Due to her apparent invulnerability, Argolis survived this, albeit remaining bound and buried alive. The Bounty Hunter seeking Karam Gruul was was forced to free her during an attempt to retrieve the chain that bound her. They were then forced to destroy her, as the magic chain would otherwise have bound them in her place.

Special abilities Edit

As a Demothrax, Argolis was a fearsomely powerful demon, posessing incredible strength. She was apparently invulnerable, and was able to survive being burried alive for an extended period of time, albeit apparently rotting during that time and being fed on by maggots. After being freed she remained an incredibly dangerous foe, seemingly entirely unharmed by attacks, and even after an extended battle was only briefly stunned. However, she could be destroyed by forcing her into the pit her prison chair emerged from.

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