Artists of Vangoria Cards is a grouping of BattleCards made explicit in the US edition of the game.

The UK edition did have these same cards but they were not explicitely grouped and they were distributed throughout the pack in the UK edition whereas they were grouped together in the US. The grouping is defined both in terms of the sequential numbering and more explicitly on Checklist 1-39 where the grouping title exists. Each card featured a stylised self-portrait of the artist, and on the text side contained a short biography written an "in-universe Vangorian" style.

The UK version did not have Martin McKenna but instead had Alan Craddock.

Artists of Vangoria (US Edition BattleCards)
US Edition BattleCards
US No.US Name Artist
2Iain McCaigIain McCaig
3Les EdwardsLes Edwards
4Peter Andrew JonesPeter Andrew Jones
5Gino D'AchilleGino D'Achille
7Terry OakesTerry Oakes
8Martin McKennaMartin McKenna

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