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Axion rejuvinated


Axion is resurrected by Cawlis

Axion[1] was a powerful wizard that was born many centuries before Yaztromo and Chadda Darkmane. He was so powerful that decided to quest for eternal life. As part of his quest, he created several twisted creatures; the most remarkable of the creatures that he created are the Shapechangers. When he was old, he finally found under the Dwarvish settlement of Hellsgate, a magic well that gave him back his youth. He created an Empire and all kings bowed to him in exchange of extended lives.

However, eventually the magic well twisted human bodies and turned them into mad monsters. Axion went mad as well, while his beloved wife opted for suicide. The center of Axion's Empire, Hellsgate, was therefore attacked and he was defeated. After his defeat, Axion's body was cut in pieces and undertaken in various places in the Pagan Plains. Before dying, however, Axion created the Bloodstone: a stone connected to a pocked dimension where his could could retreat in case his mortal body was destroyed. This way, his soul survived for so many centuries in isolation.


Cawlis, a wizard Shapechanger interested in demonology, created a small aromy of Trolls, Orcs, Gobling and Lizardmen, recovered the Bloodstone and the five parts of Axion's body and brought Axion back to undeath. Yaztromo and Chadda Darkmane were late to prevent the plan, but nevertheless managed to kill the mortal form of Cawlis and release Axion's soul from undeath, causing therefore his death.

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