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big is a spell in The Sorcery Spell Book, requiring 2 stamina points to use.

When cast, the Sorcerer's own body expands to three times its usual size, also greatly increasing in strength.[1]

In the Advanced Fighting Fantasy version of The Sorcery Spell Book, the caster only doubles in size for a number of combat rounds equal to the sorcerer's Inner Strength. This will double damage in hand to hand combat, but apply a penalty of -2 to any tests requiring fine motor skills.[2]

Use in the Sorcery! series Edit

When cast immediately prior to combat, this spell usually doubles The Analander's skill for the duration of the fight, when the enemy is not frightened away by the transformation.[3] When fighting the God-Headed Hydra, however, the sorcerer only adds 4 skill points, since the size of the cavern restricts movement.[4]

When working in Dhumpus, the spell allows a hole to be dug very quickly and easily, so that the caster can get a full night's sleep and still be paid for a night's work.[5] However, the strength provided by the spell is not sufficient for all tasks[6] and the extra bulk of the sorcerer does not protect from spells which affect the mind.[7] The increased size also prevents entry into small buildings.[8]

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