The Banner of Titans is a magical item, and one of the twelve Royal Magical Treasures of Amarillia.

The Banner of Titan was discovered fully intact in a giant cave in the Blackstone Hills during the reign of Braxus the Second, and was supposed to be an item of the Titans, an old people long time extinct [1][2].

Its first power was discovered when the king use the banner to recovered the body of one of his general wounded in battle. The wounds of the general disappear, revealing the recovery effect of the Banner of Titans, who was used several times since this time [1][2][3].

Its second power was discovered by Anvar the Barbarian, with the help of the Spirit of the Red Wolf. The Banner allows the invocation of the spirit of extinct warriors, including Titans, Barbarians and Dwarfs[2][4]. This power was used to summon an army in order to confront the troops of the Ice Citadel of Zagor [5].

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