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The grouping is defined both in terms of the sequential numbering and more explicitly on Checklist 40-76 where the grouping title exists. The UK edition did have these same cards but they were not explicitly grouped. Cards in this group are set within the Barbarian Territories.

They were all illustrated by Les Edwards (except potentially for Wolfman which was credited to the Unknown BattleCard Artist).

Barbarian Territories (US Edition BattleCards)
US Edition BattleCards
US No.US Name Card Artist
50Lord of the MasqueBCUS050Lord of the Masque Les Edwards
51George LacklustreBCUS051George Lacklustre Les Edwards
52The Iron MaidenBCUS052The Iron Maiden Les Edwards
53John the AgreeableBCUS053John the Agreeable Les Edwards
54Helmut the BoldBCUS054Helmut the Bold Les Edwards
55Boris the Brave BCUS055Boris the Brave Les Edwards
56D'Accord the Daring BCUS056D'Accord the Daring Les Edwards
57Croque the HunterBCUS057Croque the Hunter Les Edwards
58Firenzi the FearlessBCUS058Firenzi the Fearless Les Edwards
59Ferrario the ValiantBCUS059Ferrario the Valiant Les Edwards
60VanVincent the FluentBCUS060VanVincent the FluentLes Edwards
61Barbarian SwordsmanBCUS061Barbarian SwordsmanLes Edwards
62Obojo the CruelBCUS062Obojo the CruelLes Edwards
63The MedusaBCUS063The MedusaLes Edwards
64The Crypt StalkerBCUS064The Crypt StalkerLes Edwards
65The Dark WarriorBCUS065The Dark WarriorLes Edwards
66The Flesh-EaterBCUS066The Flesh-EaterLes Edwards
67BaalthazacBCUS067BaalthazacLes Edwards
68Horned DevilsBCUS068Horned DevilsLes Edwards
69HellhoundBCUS069HellhoundLes Edwards
70HomunculusBCUS070HomunculusLes Edwards
71Deathweb SpiderBCUS071Deathweb SpiderLes Edwards
72BloodsuckersBCUS072BloodsuckersLes Edwards
73Soulpod PlantBCUS073Soulpod PlantLes Edwards
74Salaman Rush DemonBCUS074Salaman Rush DemonLes Edwards
75WolfmanBCUS075WolfmanUnknown BattleCard Artist

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