Barbarian Territories (region)

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Barbarian Territories

Barbarian Territories within Vangoria from Vangoria (BattleCard)

For other uses of Barbarian Territories, see Barbarian Territories (disambiguation)

One of the regions of Vangoria.

The RegionEdit

These are the eastern plains and came into being as one of the four main provinces in the aftermath of the Heir Wars which had ensued after the death of the last Emperor, Vangor. This area has its own card grouping (see "Barbarian Territories (card group)").


These are the eastern plains; a wilderness populated by demonic creatures and barbarian warlords. They are delimited by rivers to the north and south, Lake Mhingus to the west, and The Eelsea to the east.

Rulers and PowersEdit

The Barbarian Territories are fought over continuously by the various tribes.

See AlsoEdit

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