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Prince Barinjhar was the son and heir of King Pindar of Chalice in the 280s AC.

He was richly dressed, polite and courteous (at least on the surface), as befitted his status, but he was certainly no idle fop. Rather he was an expert in the saddle a very skilled swordsman.[1]

Though both intelligent and skilled with a sword almost beyond par, he was flawed with arrogance and pride. Believing the city of Salamonis to be a petty, feeble nation, he was horrified to learn of his arranged marriage to Princess Sarissa of Salamonis. Allying secretly with the Evil sorcerer Xortan Throg, he promised him aid in his plans in return for Throg capturing Sarissa. Doing so, Throg held her captive in his tower, while Barinjhar hired several famed adventurers to rescue her, hoping that they would die in the tower, thus leading Chalice and Salamonis to give up hope of saving her, and allowing Barinjhar to escape this marriage.

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