BattleCard Alignment was a stat category on BattleCards that was common to both UK and US versions.


This was common to both the UK and the US. Each Fighter Card had an Alignment, which could be either Justice, Evil, Chaos or Neutral. This stat came into play during Campaign Battles, whereby cards of the same alignment should be on the same side. The UK set did not make this clear, but in the later published US set, the Campaigns & Adventures (BattleCard), specified that in Campaigns and Adventures similar alignments should never fight each other, with the exception of Neutral who may fight anyone.[1]

Cards By AlignmentEdit

Please note that these are the UK card numbers. For the UK to US conversion please see BattleCards - UK Edition to US Edition Conversion.





Further Notes on AlignmentEdit

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  1. The UK equivalent of Campaigns & Adventures (BattleCard) was Campaigns (BattleCard) and was largely the same card but did not mention the alignment specification

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