BattleCard Allegiance was a stat category on BattleCards in the UK version only.


The UK Fighter Cards had an Allegiance stat (except Artists). This served no defined purpose and it can be surmised that it was intended to help in more advanced Campaign Battles, and in particular in Adventures, whereby players could recreate the stories found within the BattleCards. It was dropped from the US set, with the Allegiance being able to be picked up from the text. The Allegiance would always be to a Leader (an allegiance type in its own right) or to None or For Hire.

Cards By AllegianceEdit

Please note that these are the UK card numbers. For the UK to US conversion please see BattleCards - UK Edition to US Edition Conversion.

Aragon Trueblade (BattleCard)Edit

Baalthazac (BattleCard)Edit

D'Accord (BattleCard)Edit

Dragon Prince (BattleCard)Edit

Dumm (BattleCard)Edit

Firenzi (BattleCard)Edit

For HireEdit

Gleeta Spee (BattleCard)Edit

Helmut the Bold (BattleCard)Edit

Karanga (BattleCard)Edit


(i.e. the card represents a Leader and therefore has no other allegiance)

Lord of Darkness (BattleCard)Edit

Lord of the Masque (BattleCard)Edit

Lord Vengeance (BattleCard)Edit


In the UK only, Artists were also assigned an allegiance of None:

Obojo (BattleCard)Edit

Prince Gallant (BattleCard)Edit

Prince Lionheart (BattleCard)Edit

The Iron Maiden (BattleCard)Edit

Vanvincent (BattleCard)Edit

Verrancus (BattleCard)Edit

Zheena Nightshade (BattleCard)Edit

Further NotesEdit

The card The Dark Warrior (BattleCard), had as an allegiance, Obojo (BattleCard), but only "(currently)". Similarly, Krudd & Gorr (BattleCard), had a "?" after their allegiance to Dumm (BattleCard).

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