BattleCard Status was a stat category on BattleCards that was common to both UK and US versions.


Each Fighter Card had a Status which could be Strong, Powerful, or Awesome. A fourth status existed called Warrior, which was specific to Warrior Cards. These represented how relatively skilled the fighter is in battle. Higher status meant less Wound symbols on a card, making the card more difficult to kill. In the UK, higher status was more specifically related to how many Spell and Shield symbols were to be found on a card (see Battle Mechanics). Therefore, a fight between a Strong and an Awesome fighter is not even. Higher Status meant a larger Purse.

Warrior CardsEdit

Warrior Cards were also a subset of Fighter Cards, but were denoted by the Status as Warrior. Essentially, the text on these cards made them Rules Cards and Secrets Cards. The cards explained the Basic Combat Rules on the back. They were therefore printed in abundance so all collectors could learn the rules. They were different from all other Fighter Cards in that the locations of the Wound and Death Symbols varied on Warrior Cards. On all other Fighter Cards you would always find the Wound and Death Symbols in the same place.[1] The US version had 5 more Warrior Cards than the UK version, because the US dropped the Shield Cards concept, replacing those cards with Secrets of Vangoria cards which were Warrior Cards. The UK version did have Secrets of Vangoria as well, but these were not whole cards, but rather the secrets were printed on Warrior Cards in the bottom right hand corner of the text side, where the Seal was on all other cards.

Further Notes on StatusEdit

Cards By StatusEdit

Please note that these are the UK card numbers. For the UK to US conversion please see BattleCards - UK Edition to US Edition Conversion.





In the US set the following were also Warrior Cards:


This applied to the Artists of Vangoria and was in the UK only:

See AlsoEdit


  1. See Secrets of Vangoria (4) (BattleCard) (US) and Battle Secrets (BattleCard) (UK)

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