The UK and US editions of the BattleCards by Steve Jackson differed significantly in the order in which they were published, and in some cases in the naming of the cards. Also, in the US set, two of the original cards ceased to exist at all. The conversion from UK to US can be seen below.

BattleCards - UK Edition to US Edition Conversion
UK Edition US Edition
UK No.UK Name US No. US Name
2The Heirs of Vangor10Quest: The Heirs of Vangor
3Zheena Nightshade87Zheena Nightshade
4Lord of the Lance113Lord of the Lance
5The Iron Maiden52The Iron Maiden
6The Angel of Death97The Angel of Death
7The Trading Post139The Trading Post
8Decayer27Decayer Zombie
9Frost Giant127Frost Giant
10Forrin Weatherstorm81Forrin Weatherstorm
11The Lyre of Eternal SongT-1The Lyre of Eternal Song
12The Flesh-Eater66The Flesh-Eater
13Fireball Spell40Fireball Spell
14The Crypt Stalker64The Crypt Stalker
15Lord Magnoble's Quest11Lord Magnoble's Quest
16River Devlin38River Devlin
18Soulpod Plant73Soulpod Plant
19Warrior of Quaine118Warrior of Quaine
20Prince Lionheart20Prince Lionheart
21Bronze Shield135Secrets of Vangoria (3)
22The Sword of SlayingT-2The Sword of Slaying
23Les Edwards3Les Edwards
25Lord Vengeance119Lord Vengeance
26Summon Creature Spell48Summon Creature Spell
27Constantian Cutthroat131Constantian Cutthroat
28Snargg33Snargg the Ogre
30D'Accord the Daring56D'Accord the Daring
31Karanga the Ferocious89Karanga the Ferocious
32The Medusa63The Medusa
33The Genie in the JewelT-3The Genie in the Jewel
34The Beast Riders126The Beast Riders
35The Princess' Suitor12Quest: The Princess' Suitor
36Baagan the Brave82Baagan the Brave
37Checklist 19Checklist 1-39
38Giant Deathweb Spider71Deathweb Spider
39Magic Shield Spell49Magic Shield Spell
40Baron Oldschwartz112Baron Oldschwartz
41Gargantuan Marauder92Gargantuan Marauder
43Jahnu the Hunter99Jahnu the Hunter
44The Talisman of FortuneT-4The Talisman of Fortune
45The Cursewitch's Quest13The Cursewitch's Quest
46Shula the Archeress116Shula the Archeress
47Obojo the Cruel62Obojo the Cruel
48Terry Oakes7Terry Oakes
49Dragonhide Shield133Secrets of Vangoria (1)
50Aragon Trueblade80Aragon Trueblade
51The Koonsquine124Koonsquine
52Anti-Magic Spell46Anti-Magic Spell
53Hill Goblin34Hill Goblin
54Ferrario the Valiant59Ferrario the Valiant
55Rings of Harrak-Barr14Quest: The Rings of Harrak-Barr
56Erik the Repentent117Erik the Repentent
57Warg the Mighty21Warg the Mighty
58The Bowmaster83The Bowmaster
60Lord of the Masque50Lord of the Masque
61Oafus & Wilberforce120Oafus & Wilberforce
62John the Agreeable53John the Agreeable
63Lord of the Flies30Lord of the Flies
64Vangorian Knight132Vangorian Knight
65The Jester's Quest15The Jester's Quest
66The Orb of ShantosT-5The Orb of Shantos
67Maglan Vinn100Maglan Vinn
70Helmut the Bold54Helmut the Bold
71George Lacklustre51George Lacklustre
72Zittonian Swordsman86Zittonian Swordsman
73Iain McCaig2Iain McCaig
74Checklist 276Checklist 40-76
75Lord of Darkness23Lord of Darkness
77The DragonstoneT-6The Dragonstone
78Mutiny Spell45Mutiny Spell
79Ironbark Shield136Secrets of Vangoria (4)
80Demon of Eelsea96The Demon of Eelsea
81Yard Games79Yard Games
82Card Games77Card Games
83Campaigns78Campaigns & Adventures
84The Dark Warrior65The Dark Warrior
85St. Charity's Quest16Saint Charity's Quest
86Sister of Darkness24Sister of Darkness
87Barbarian Swordsman61Barbarian Swordsman
88The Amulet of Eternal BeautyT-7The Amulet of Eternal Beauty
89Croque the Hunter57Croque the Hunter
90The Inquisitor130The Inquisitor
91Shield Dissolve Spell44Shield Dissolve Spell
92Horo Soga90Horo Soga
95Wondrous Treasure Quest17Wondrous Treasure Quest
96Strangler26Strangler Zombie
97Boris the Brave55Boris the Brave
98Peter Andrew Jones4Peter Andrew Jones
99The Crown of VangorT-8The Crown of Vangor
100Quest Cluesno equivalent
101Horned Devils68Horned Devils
102Horo Matangi91Horo Matangi
103Krudd & Gorr32Krudd & Gorr
104Peaceful Calm Spell43Peaceful Calm Spell
105The Fool's Quest18The Fool's Quest
106VanVincent the Fluent60VanVincent the Fluent
107Battle Orc129Battle Orc
110Norman Stormcloud111Norman Stormcloud
111Battle Secretsno equivalent
112Checklist 3109Checklist 77-109
114Dwarvenforged Shield134Secrets of Vangoria (2)
115Ice Dragon128Ice Dragon
116Venga the Grim88Venga the Grim
117Mental Combat Spell42Mental Combat Spell
118Stagcastle Man-at-Arms22Stagcastle Man-at-Arms
120The Dragon Prince28The Dragon Prince
121Gleeta Spee93Gleeta Spee
122The Venomess36The Venomess
124Brenn the Avenger122Brenn the Avenger
126Gino D'Achille5Gino D'Achille
128Firenzi the Fearless58Firenzi the Fearless
129Battleshield137Secrets of Vangoria (5)
130Sword Control Spell41Sword Control Spell
131Attack: Head; Defend: Head & Legs101Attack: Head; Defend: Head & Legs
132Attack: Body; Defend: Head & Arms102Attack: Body; Defend: Head & Arms
133Attack: Arms; Defend: Body & Arms103Attack: Arms; Defend: Body & Arms
134Attack: Legs; Defend: Head & Body104Attack: Legs; Defend: Head & Body
135Attack: Head; Defend: Body & Arms105Attack: Head; Defend: Body & Arms
136Attack: Body; Defend: Body & Legs106Attack: Body; Defend: Body & Legs
137Attack: Arms; Defend: Head & Legs107Attack: Arms; Defend: Head & Legs
138Attack: Legs; Defend: Arms & Legs108Attack: Legs; Defend: Arms & Legs
139Salaman74Salaman Rush Demon
140Prince Gallant110Prince Gallant
141Alan Craddock8Martin McKenna
142Bonescratcher25The Bonescratcher
143Force Field Spell47Force Field Spell
144The Red Knight85The Red Knight
145The Rune Quest19The Rune Quest
146The Sisters of Damnation94Sisters of Damnation
147'King' Dumm31'King' Dumm
149Checklist 4138Checklist 110-139
150Emperor of Vangoria140Emperor of Vangoria

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