BC111Battle Secrets

The UK BattleCard 'Battle Secrets'

Battle Secrets was UK BattleCard 111. This was one of two cards entirely dropped from the series when it was published in the US, (the two being Quest Clues (BattleCard) and Battle Secrets (BattleCard)). Both happened to have been illustrated by Alan Craddock. They had their information spread across 5 cards in the US set called Secrets of Vangoria. Note that the Shield Cards were also dropped but their artwork was reused. In the case of this card, both its text and artwork dissappeared altogether.


The artwork in the was by Alan Craddock.



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BattleCard TypeEdit

This card was not part of any US defined sub-series because it did not appear in the US set.

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Normal Stormcloud
Battle Secrets (BattleCard) Succeeded by
Checklist 3
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Battle Secrets (BattleCard) not in US set
Battle Secrets (BattleCard) not in US set Succeeded by
Battle Secrets (BattleCard) not in US set

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