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The Battle of Skynn was a major engagement in the War of the Four Kingdoms taking place in around 178AC.[1] Although Gallantaria won the day, the leader of the Gallantarian forces on the day, Hornhelm, was killed.[2]

A tavern in Royal Lendle is named after this battle, emphasising its importance.[3]

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  1. From Titan - The Fighting Fantasy World we know the war began in 175AC; The Tasks of Tantalon - p.??: This engagement took place long enough into the war for Hornhelm to have performed a number of heroic acts, and was close enough to the end of the war for Tantalon to almost forget that Hornhelm had perished. It was also a major battle that had been won by Gallantaria, suggesting again it was nearer the end of the war.
  2. The Tasks of Tantalon -p.??
  3. Titan - The Fighting Fantasy World - p.124/293

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