A Bay playing Bays' Ball

Bays are Goblin-like creatures who favourite game is Bays' Ball.

These creatures have a substantial population in Port Blacksand and are described as being brown in colour.[1] From the only known image of them, they appear Goblin-like with three small bony protrusions on the top of their heads. The have a ridge of what appears to be bone down their spines, and their spinal column ends in a small tail. Their feet and hands are large in proportion to their size with their hands being notable for its extremely large palm and apparent webbing between the digits.[1] This feature is evidently a huge advantage when playing Bays' Ball. It seems that they do not wear clothes, at least when playing Bays' Ball.[1]

Bays are extremely passionate about their eponymous game and react badly when their team loses. However, they equally exuberant when the win and will shower gifts upon star players. These gifts can range from seemingly inexpensive items such as chalk, or eye-patches, to more valuable items such as Gold Pieces. Silver flutes have been known to have been given away in this manner, as well as bananas and even magical potions such as the Potion of Mind Control.[2]

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