A Bay playing Bays' Ball

Bays' Ball is a game played by the small Goblin-like creatures known as Bays, hence its name. It is their favourite game.[1]

The game is played by two teams who alternate between fielding and batting. A small leather ball[1] is thrown or "pitched" by a designated member of the fielding side to an opposing player who, armed with a wooden stick,[1] hits the ball and then attempts to run around a circuit delimited by cloth bags[1] manned by fielding Bays. If the ball is hit over the wall of the stadium or arena the game is being played in then the batting team will score a complete circuit and can potentially win immediately.[2] If the batter misses completely then they are out and this is denoted by the words "You're out" being called behind the batter.[2] The score is often displayed on the walls of the arena through the employment of cloth banners suspended from wooden hangers. These are updated as the score changes by designated Bays.[1]

Bays are passionate about the game and players and supporters alike will react badly to losing.[3] On the other hand they are overjoyed when they win and supporters have been known to shower gifts upon the player responsible for the victory.[4]

It has been known for non-Bays to be allowed to play, and even spectators are sometimes accepted onto the field to play.[2]

The games most famous venue is the Port Blacksand Sports Arena[5] where many games can be played in a day.[4]

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