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Sir Beade (right) in Weirtown

Sir Beade was a knight of the court of Royal Lendle during the War of the Four Kingdoms.

He was the twin brother of the noble Sir Duke and there was little to separate their appearance, save that Beade wielded a sword, whereas Duke carried a battleaxe.[1] He was a bearded man, with dark hair whose preferred vestments where a blue tunic, and a golden cape.

He was sent by Tantalon to govern the lawless Weirtown, known as the verminpit of Gallantaria. In some quarters this decision was ridiculed[2] Evidently, he was relatively young when he took this post, yet he must have accrued considerable merit in the eyes of Tantalon, now regarded as one of Gallantaria's finest rulers.

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  2. The Tasks of Tantalon - ???: And they tell us that Tantalon is a wise man! Ha! First of all he sends that young whippersnapper Sir Beade for supervision of the verminpit...

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