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Beast Men, sometimes known with an epithet as Chaos Beast Men, are a species of humanoids with the hind legs and horns of goats, and incredible ferocity.

They are a primitive race on the whole, delighting in torture and sacrifice, and utterly fearless in combat. Whilst they are known in both Allansia and the Old World, it is in the latter that they are truly feared, and remembered for being the original instrument of the evil Belgaroth's bid for power.

Despite suffering heavy losses during both the first and second wars against Belgaroth, there remains a large number of these foul creatures in the Banarask Hills. This can be attributed both to their power and their unfortunate intelligence, which is almost unfairly developed for such a barbaric race - the chieftain of one tribe, Maugrim the Cruel, successfully captured and imprisoned the Celastrix at Belgaroth's behest, until he was killed and it was released by one of the Templars of the Demonkeep Outpost sent to slay Belgaroth.[1]

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