Bellisaria was a small principality on the northern edge of the Plain of Bronze in Allansia around 1600OT.

It is not known whether Bellisaria still exists, or whether it has disappeared into the mists of time, leaving crumbling ruins behind it.[1]

Little is known of the land of Bellisaria, although the following tale of a magical Elven sword appears in Titan - The Fighting Fantasy World:

One such weapon was the legendary Sword of Jeren, originally given as gift by the Elven peoples to Prince Gethel Aranang who ruled over a small land known as Bellisaria... around the year 1600OT. Prince Aranang had earned the gift by helping the local Elves in cleansing a Dark Elf settlement from a network of deep caves in the hills on the edges of his lands.[1]

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