Some of Beshbalik's Marauders[1]

At the time of the events described in Daggers of Darkness, Beshbalik's Marauders are a nomadic clan of mercenaries led by Beshbalik in Kazan.

They are also known in southern Khul as the Scavengers of Slaughter. As well as Beshbalik, the Marauders include among their number Adana-Broussah.[2]

In order to join Beshbalik's Marauders, newcomers must prove themselves in combat against established members.[1]

The relationship between Beshbalik's Marauders and the Vizier of Kazan, Chingiz, is unclear. At the time of the events described in Daggers of Darkness, there appears to be a dispute between Beshbalik and Chingiz "about the cost of a proposed operation" and, as a result, "Beshbalik is determined to continue rampaging around as a free agent".[3] One such operation is "an attack on a large group of bandit Trolls who are preying on a local village",[4] and another involves the destruction of an Orc road-block on the road to Sharrabbas.[5]

Some of Beshbalik's Marauders go into battle mounted on the backs of Fangtigers, including Beshbalik himself, others ride on horseback, and many others go by foot.[6] At the end of each victory, Beshbalik rewards his Marauders.[7]

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