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The land beyond the Portal of Evil is a forgotten ancient world of giant and unnatural beasts existing on the other side of the Portal of Evil.

This Portal had, perhaps, existed since time began, allowing a few wandering animals and humanoids to pass through and poses questions for theologians as to the uniqueness of Titan at the time of creation. We know little of this ancient world, save that the Portal has linked the two worlds since before history began. We know of a group of beings called "The People" - a tribe of humanoids ruled over by Queen Anxis on the alien side of the Portal. It is an eclectic mixture of natives, and outsiders of more recent Titan origins, including Humans, elves and Dwarfs. Also the Goblin blood of travellers who passed through thousands of years ago runs through the veins of the natives. They are ruled over by their Queen and by their Shamans and allow new initiates to go through The Ordeal to prove their worth.

One of their gods is known as the Mad God.[1]

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