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Bezenvial was the most infamous tyrant of the Isles of the Dawn, who was finally overthrown by Credas and the other two great wizards of the Triurge in a titanic battle which destroyed most of the city.

He had his twin sons, Maior and Feior, put into a magical sleep from which they would awaken to one day rule the Isles when his enemies were no more. He seems to have had some magical ability or alternate enhanced spirituality, since he accurately foresaw that one of his sons would eventually rule the Isles.

However, whilst Feior was a true son of his father, amassing a large army and marching against the forces of King Poo Ta, Maior proved an altogether different boy, uniting the disparate forces of the Isles against his brother and eventually emerging victorious. Bezenvial's spirit appeared one last time to challenge his wayward son, but when a Sturramak that was attempting to ambush Maior missed him and struck Bezenvial instead, he was banished for good and the Sturramak exploded. His prophecy came true when Poo Ta died in the final battle against Feior's army and Maior succeeded him to the throne.[1]

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