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skill 8 (Adult); 5 (Young)
stamina 11 (Adult); 5 (Young)
Attacks 1
Weapon Used Bite
Habitat Forests, Jungles
Number Encountered 1-3
Type Animal
Reaction Neutral
Intelligence Low

Origins and DistributionEdit

Bhorket are found in forests and jungles across the eastern lands of Allansia and Khul, but have only rarely been encountered as they are extremely shy and nervous creatures, keeping to themselves as much as possible.


Bhorket are often mistaken for Apes, since they closely resemble them and are covered with long, shaggy pelts of brown-green fur, but are more closely related to bears. They are quite skittish herbivores with no means of defence other than incredible agility and strong hind legs, enabling them to leap up to ten metres in a single bound and swing through the trees with astonishing speed. They never grow larger than one-and-a-half metres tall and their flesh is apparently extremely succulent and tender.

Bhorket only mate every four years or so, producing a single cub that they are extremely protective of. As it takes three years for a cub to grow to maturity and self-reliance, the huge investment in their young suggests that Bhorket mate for life - it is known that they take turns in bringing food to and keeping guard over the cub, wildly attacking any predators it encounters to ensure the safety of the helpless cub.[1]

Special AbilitiesEdit

Bhorket have no special abilities.

Further NotesEdit

  • Bhorket is both the single and plural form of their name.
  • Young Bhorket grow to maturity in three years, adding 1 skill and 2 stamina each year until adults.

See AlsoEdit


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