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Black Dragon
Black Dragon
skill 16 (Adult); 14 (Young)
stamina 30 (Adult); 20 (Young)
Attacks 4
Weapon Used Very Large Claws and Breath
Habitat Caves, Hills, Ruins, Wilderness
Number Encountered 1
Type Monster
Reaction Hostile
Intelligence High

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Origins and DistributionEdit

Black Dragons are among the largest and strongest of the Dragon races, with only the Gold and Silver Dragons being greater. As a result, they are quite arrogant and aggressive beings, thinking no more of killing a trespasser in their domain to razing an entire village.

Whilst they are often encountered in hilly areas, Black Dragons always have their lairs in caves or ruined strongholds, with the size of their dwelling an indication of both their age and status. Younger creatures will only have a small, cramped cave, but an Adult may occupy a vast cavern complex, housing a tribe of Goblins or Orcs as well as various other monsters, with several secret entrances for when danger threatens[1].

Interestingly, a young Black Dragon was reported to dwell beneath Darkwood Forest, although it was marginally weaker than others and apparently was only capable of using its breath once. It was also reported that it kept no treasure.


The typical Black Dragon will grow to about 25 metres in length, and their scales are the darkest black, although when exposed to light they gradually change colour and shift closer to dull green. They have a multitude of horns, spines and spikes all over their heads and necks, with only a small ridge of bumps down the length of their backbone.

As with all Dragons, their wingspan is easily that of their full length, and their tongue is not forked, which is a common misconception. However, their eyes are still dangerous to look into without permission, as they can easily hypnotise a man or crush his spirit.

Special AbilitiesEdit

A Black Dragon has a unique breath weapon among Dragons, in that it expels a large cloud of poisonous fumes which will cause the loss of 4 stamina to anyone caught within it, though they may Test for Luck to reduce this to only a single point of damage. An Adult Dragon can create a cloud of up to 6 metres in diameter every four turns, whilst a Young Dragon can create a cloud of up to 3 metres in diameter every six turns.

The majority of Black Dragons can speak several languages, of both humanoid and animal races, and many Adults are apt to have some magical ability also.

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