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Black Pearls are rare and highly valued items used in many magical rituals. It is unknown exactly how they are created or from where they acquire their magical potential.

In City of ThievesEdit

Advice from NicodemusEdit

When an adventurer sought the means to slay Zanbar Bone, Arakor Nicodemus pointed him in the direction of three items that might be used for such a purpose if mixed into a compound. One of these was Black Pearls - however, perhaps owing to their alternative use in necromantic sorcery, their effectiveness against Zanbar Bone is limited to say the least.[1]

Pirate LootEdit

Black Pearls are extremely prized items among the criminal element of the seas, and a good place to find them is among the possessions of pirates and sea-dogs recently back from long ocean voyages. The difficulty in acquiring them is thus matched only by the poetic justice in the owning pirate being slain for what he was carrying.

In Demons of the DeepEdit

Black Pearls as CurrencyEdit

In the underwater realm of sunken Atlantis, Black Pearls are an abundant - if jealously guarded - source of wealth, equating as precious stones to the civilised inhabitants of this world. The Merfolk gamble with them almost as freely as with Gold Pieces and will trade their wares for them also; and certain unscrupulous inhabitants of the depths like Sea Hags and Sea Dragons will collect them for their magical or fiscal value.

In addition, Cyrano the Swordfish may be paid for a lesson in swordskill with a Black Pearl, although he is also a genuine lover of the dueller's art and will be willing to instruct the "poor" for the sake of its continuation.[2]


One of the more unusual dwellers beneath the waves is the wizard Greylock, who appears quite happy to live in a house surrounded by a gigantic air bubble, and retain all the luxuries of a land-bound existence - right down to a pet cat!

Greylock is knowledgeable as regards the magical properties of Black and Silver Pearls, and when approached by a sailor who had been spared drowning by an ancient Atlantean enchanmtent and wished revenge on the pirates who threw him overboard, he revealed the secret of the Black Pearls to him:

If you throw a pair of them on the ground and say the magic word "Derd-nu-Heno", an animated Skeleton will appear to fight for you. The word will work for up to 10 Pearls at a time, to product up to five Skeletons... If the Skeletons are not destroyed in battle, the word "Derd-en-Parr" uttered by the spell-caster will make them vanish again, leaving the Pearls unharmed.[3]

Defeat of Captain BloodaxeEdit

It was armed with several Black Pearls that the sailor returned to the surface world and took on the pirate ship Troll, summoning an Undead army and terrifying the pirates enough to submit to him - although Bloodaxe had to be cut down first.

The Troll was later taken over entirely by the sailor, who crewed it with his Skeleton minions and allowed its former pirate crew to go relatively free, letting them jump ship when a day from port (though he may have generous and granted them a boat).

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