Black Shadow (Macrocosmos)

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Black Shadow (Macrocosmos)

Black Shadow (Macrocosmos)
Type Humanoid/Bats

Origins and DistributionEdit


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Further Information in CanonEdit

More information can be found at:Source[1]
Spectral Stalkers (paraCover*, para7, para28, para46, para64, para70, para80, para102, para106, para112, para120, para167, para178, para192, para196, para199, para202, para205, para232, para244, p ara252, para291*, para293, para296, para304, para309, para324, para345, para351*, para353, para366, para381, para388, para394, para400)


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  1. Complete list of references catalogued by FF Macrocosmos

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