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Blackhaven is a city on the Border River of Gallantaria, Brice and Mauristatia, being frequented by citizens of all three.[1]

Recent History and Karam GruulEdit

Recently, Blackhaven was used by Karam Gruul as a place to recruit new followers in preparation for his return to power, given that the remnants of his old ones, the Cabal of the Werewolf, were already operating there under the illusion of being just another secret society - the Eternal Fraternity of the Rosy Chalice.

Among Gruul's recruits from Blackhaven were Conrad Zaar, a treacherous guardsman; the Corpse Master of Rohmer Theatre; and the Xen-Viper assassin Lishek. However, it also fell prey to the Shocker, one of Gruul's less successful "Notura" creations which had escaped him; and an Obisian Predator that was sent to kill anyone who stood a chance at retrieving the Mask of Belthegor.


Blackhaven occupies the point at which the tributaries of the Border River begin to meet as they emerge from the northern foothills of the Cloudcap Mountains of Mauristatia. The Border River itself is the dividing line between Gallantaria and Brice and as such Blackhaven has citizens of all three countries amongst its inhabitants. The river runs from south to sorth through the very centre of the city, and forms its main route for trade. There are, however, four roads that lead to and from the town. In the north-east is the road to Ingolstadt, in the south-east is the road to Hanford, in the south-west is the road to Aiken and in the north-west is the road to Penkhull.

Notable Places of InterestEdit

Notable Streets and SquaresEdit

Inns and TavernsEdit

Notable InhabitantsEdit

Blackhaven is also home to a number of other individuals who are well known or infamous among the guardsmen and criminal classes, including:

Some of these were able to provide assistance in tracking down Karam Gruul to a bounty hunter who had been a victim of his dark sorcery, mostly through the locating of the "Wards of Notura", six of which were hidden in the town.

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