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Wraith Ape with Blade Tree leaf

Wraith Ape with Blade Tree leaf

Blade Trees have sharp, broad-bladed leaves which grow at the ends of strong branches. The leaves themselves are as hard as rock and equivalent to a sharpened stone axe if used as a makeshift weapon. Unfortunately, Mauristatian Wraith Apes have learnt to use these leaves as such, and can add 1 to their skill score if so armed.[1]

Blade Trees are relatively common and anyone walking through such a section of forest containing them has a 5 in 12 chance of unknowingly rubbing themselves against the leaves of the Blade Tree. Anyone cut by a Blade Tree must roll one die and consult the following table to determine the extent of damage they suffer.[2]

# Blade Tree Damage Table
1 Minor cut: lose 1 stamina point
2 Gash on the arm: lose 2 stamina points
3 Gash on the leg: lose 2 stamina points
4 Serious injury: cannot use sword-arm (-2 skill and lose 2 stamina)
5 Blinded: cannot fight (-3 skill and lose 4 stamina)
6 Neck slashed: death

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