Blight Demon
skill 8 - 9 [1]
stamina 4 - 6 [2]
Attacks  ???
Weapon Used Talons - teeth
Habitat Corrupted Earth, The Pit
Number Encountered Only a pair ever encountered
Type Demon
Reaction Hostile
Intelligence  ???

Blight Demons are a form of wretched, cadaverous Demon.

The creatures have an especially vile physiognomy, even for a Demon. They look somewhat similar to Gargoyles, and as such have a similar appearance to that of the Moon Demons, but Blight Demons also have emaciated, necrotic flesh and slit-like, oval pupils in their eyes. They are sometimes heard before they are seen, as the creatures are known to emit a chorus of unnerving shrieks and wailing.[3]

Their flesh seems ravaged by decay, and perhaps because of this they are not physically robust opponents. Indeed, it's possible to decapitate a pair of them with a single swing of a heavy implement.[4] Upon death, their bodies have been seen to dissolve into foul puddles of slime.[5]

Appropriately, the Demons seem to have the power to blight and taint whatever area they are found in.[6] Aside from this, they seem to have little in the way of noteworthy powers, and in fact suffer from a strange vulnerability for a Demon - the Banish Undead attack works against them. [7]

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