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Blue Dragon
skill Unknown
stamina Unknown
Weapon Used Very Large Claws and Breath
Habitat Caves, Deserts, and Ruins
Number Encountered 1
Type Monster
Reaction Hostile
Intelligence High

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Origins and DistributionEdit

Blue Dragons are extremely rare, found only in the most desolate of regions or hiding away deep in forgotten caves or ancient ruins. Their colouring makes them perfectly camouflaged against the sky, and their lairs will always have easy access to the skies in order to aid in hunting.

Surprisingly, they are not usually found in especially mountainous regions, since these are generally fairly crowded places in terms of flying creatures, and Blue Dragons prefer aerial privacy. Their voracious appetites and short tempers only serve to enhance their inclination towards leading isolated lives.


The typical Blue Dragon will grow to about 25 metres in length, and their scales are a brilliant blue. They have massive horns stretching back nearly a metre from the rear corners of their skull, and spines nearly half that length down the length of their back, swiftly shortening and eventually disappearing as they reach the tail. They also have a number of smaller horns on either side of their head that are joined together with skin, similar to that of a Green Dragon.

As with all Dragons, their wingspan is easily that of their length, and their tongue is not forked, which is a common misconception. However, their eyes can still be dangerous to look into without permission, as they can easily hypnotise a man or crush his spirit.

Special PowersEdit

Blue Dragons have a unique weapon amongst Dragons, utilising electricity as their breath weapon rather than fire or ice. How powerful this is and how often it can be used is unknown, as there have not been enough survivors of encounters with them to provide reliable accounts. However, it does raise questions as to the nature of the Sturramak and its relationship with Dragons.

The majority of Blue Dragons can speak several languages, of both humanoid and animal races, and most Adults are apt to possess some magical ability also.

Further NotesEdit

  • Blue Dragons are one of the few Dragon races that are not mentioned in Out of the Pit. They also fail to make an appearance in Night Dragon along with the other major kinds of Dragon.[1]

See AlsoEdit


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