Baron Bluestone of the House of Rangor is the ruler of Kallamehr. He married the beautiful and much younger Lady Carolina of Rimon. Loved by his people for his wise rule, he changes his attitude after hiring the court seer Cona Nundrum. Everybody thinks he went mad, but Cona Nundrum was in reality the Riddling Reaver and was controlling him. Eventually, the Riddling Reaver will kill the Baron by throwing him down from the top of Rangor's Tower under the eyes of all the good people of Kallamehr. This will be the start of The Riddling Reaver (book) adventure.

Further NotesEdit

Baron Bluestone dies leaving ho heirs behind. His closest relatives are Ramedes the Invincible and Madhaeiros.[1]

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Baron Bluestone appears briefly at the start of The Riddling Reaver (book) adventure, but is murdered soon after. Ramedes the Invincible and Madhaeiros are both mentioned in Slaves of the Abyss.

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