Bob Harvey is an illustrator whose work has appeared in many Fighting Fantasy publications. He was a particular favourite of Mark Smith and Jamie Thomson, illustrating the book Talisman of Death as well as The Way of the Tiger gamebook series. His work outside of Fighting Fantasy does touch on other science fiction/fantasy fiction but extends much further into other genres.


Early LifeEdit



Interior Illustrator

Fighting Fantasy GamebooksEdit

Other Fighting FantasyEdit

Warlock MagazineEdit

Map Illustrator

Fighting Fantasy GamebooksEdit

  • (#16) Seas of Blood

Outside of Fighting FantasyEdit

Adventure GamebooksEdit

  • (#2) Egyptian Quest

Dragon WarriorsEdit

  • (#1) Dragon Warriors
  • (#4) Out of the Shadows
  • (#5) The Power of Darkness

Starlight AdventuresEdit


  • (#1) Dinobot War
  • (#2) Peril from the Stars
  • (#5) Swamp of the Scorpion
  • (#6) Desert of Danger

The Way of the TigerEdit

  • (#1) Avenger!
  • (#2) Assassin!
  • (#3) Usurper!
  • (#4) Overlord!
  • (#5) Warbringer!
  • (#6) Inferno!

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