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Bone Demon
FF 19 Bone Demon3
skill 4-9 (see below)
stamina 6-8 (see below)
Attacks 3
Weapon Used Large Claws and Bite, or see below
Habitat Sea (ruins of Atlantis)
Number Encountered 1 (possibly unique)
Type Undead/Demon
Reaction Hostile
Intelligence High

The Bone Demon is an apparently unique Undead/Demonic monster appearing in Demons of the Deep

Origins and DistributionEdit

How the Bone Demon came into existence remains unknown. It inhabited a cave underneath the ruins of the sunken city of Atlantis. At one point, it enslaved a Water Elemental, confining it to a chamber below its abode, until the Elemental was rescued by an adventurer who was prowling the ruins under the protection of a Gills spell; the liberation of the Elemental resulted in the destruction of the Demon.


The Bone Demon is a nightmarish chimera consisting of the bones of various different creatures. Its most notable features are its large head, which is fitted with balefully glowing eyes and an array of blackened, shark-like teeth, three legs, and six arms, three of which wielding a different weapon each. On its head rests a crown which is inlaid with two Black Pearls.[1]

The Demon has a fondness for the flesh of living creatures[2] and also seeks slaves to torment and do its bidding.[3]

Special AbilitiesEdit

The Bone Demon's arms are each independent and can either attack a different opponent each or (up to three of them) gang up on a single enemy. Each of the three weapon arms is differently armed: the first arm - skill 9, stamina 6 - wields a Sword (a magical +1 weapon bearing a minor curse),[4] the second arm - skill 7, stamina 6 - a long Spear, and the third - skill 4, stamina 8 - a Battle-Axe.[1] (With the basic Fighting Fantasy rules, the Axe inflics double normal Damage.)[5] Once its arms are destroyed, however, the Demon itself poses no serious threat and can be dispatched with a single blow.

The Bone Demon also possesses several eldritch powers, including the power to hypnotize or paralyze a weak-willed victim (including those surrendering to it). The true scope and extend of the Bone Demon's powers remain unknown.

Further Information in CanonEdit

More information can be found at:Source[6]
Demons of the Deep (para17, para54, para120, para168#, para187, para220, para310, para327, para354, para378)


# - denotes a reference with statistics
* - denotes a picture

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