Bone Golem
Bone Golem
skill 8
stamina 9
Attacks 1
Weapon Used Runesword (see below)
Habitat Dungeons, Ruins, Anywhere their master is
Number Encountered 1
Type Construct
Reaction Neutral to Hostile (see below)
Intelligence Low

Origins and DistributionEdit

The Bone Golem is an especially rare type of Golem, or magically-animated humanoid-shaped guardian. In canon, the only example of a Bone Golem comes from the lair of the wizards of Solani Island, off the south-eastern coast of Allansia.[1] Its important components include a skeleton, flat stones (for armour), and an enchanted runesword. The Bone Golem is used as a guard or sentinel, and is unresponsive to the point that it only attacks intruders if the terms of its duty are directly breached. Otherwise, it will just stand there motionless.[2]


A Bone Golem is constructed a normal Human skeleton. The Golem encountered on Solani Island has been additionally modified with a covering of overlapping, stony plates. A dull green glow emanates from the eye-sockets of its skull. It holds a large, rune-inscribed sword in its bony hands.[2]

Special AbilitiesEdit

The Solani Island Bone Golem's runesword inflicts 3 stamina points of damage per successful hit, instead of the more usual 2 points.[3] In addition, it is difficult to permanently destroy the Bone Golem. Its enchanted nature allows its bones to knit back together and reanimate shortly after it has been defeated in combat.[4]

More conventional Bone Golems are possibly as vulnerable as any undead Skeleton to blunt crushing weapons and less to edged weapons, but conclusive evidence has yet to be forthcoming in Fighting Fantasy canon.

Further NotesEdit

  • It is important to note that the Bone Golem is not Undead, despite its appearance. Any spells that specifically affect the Undead will not trouble it.
  • It would appear that the Bone Golem's runesword is fused to its skeletal hands in some way. This is because the Hero of Island of the Undead made no attempt to retrieve the sword after defeating the Bone Golem that wielded it.[3]
  • The Bone Golem encountered in Island of the Undead was guarding the door that led to the chamber of Caltarelair, the Master of Earth.[5] This may explain the stony armoured plates fused to the Bone Golem's skeleton.

See AlsoEdit


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